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Landrieu’s Panic Time

The sense that I have had for weeks is now manifest in public: Landrieu cannot win this race. As one pollster says , there is no reason to think that anyone who didn’t vote for her in November will vote for her this Saturday. This means she can’t get more than 46% of the vote. That sounds about right. You can also smell the defeat by reading this from Roll Call . Even Donna Brazile can’t put a good spin on it. The Demos in Louisiana are trying to win a war by placing not-so-many conventional troops on the ground, while the GOP is using the biggest guns they have from the air, and have amassed a huge number of ground troops. This defeat will be demoralizing to the already disorganized and discombobulated national (sic) Democratic Party. And their spinmeister’s better take a month long break because there will be nothing for them to say (accept the truth, which they refuse to say).

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Man, there is an incredible amount of confidence that Landrieu is going to lose this one. Call me a too cautious but I am a worried about a GOP victory in this one.

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