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OxBlog (see Saturday) reports the world-wide anti-war protest numbers and decides that they amounted to much less than the 100,000 protesting in Caracas (plus 50,000 supporting them in Miami) against Chavez and his tyranny. OxBlog asks: Which protests made the NYTimes and WaPo headlines? To no one’s surprise it was not the protests in Venezuela. But, hey, I’m not complaining. I think it was kind of fun seeing Ramsay Clark, folks from the World Wokers Party, and various actors whose names I can never remember. Just like the good old days (or not). I hope they feel better about themselves. The rest of us can still feel pretty good about the country.

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In fairness, a protest in the capitol of the United States of America is a lot more newsworthy than one in a third world country. I think those (American) papers were justified in running that story more prominently than anything happening in Venezuela. Obviously I agree there is a left-wing bias to the papers in question but on sheer importance and interest to their readers the Washington protests beat out anything besides civil war that happens in Venzuela.

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