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Colin Powell’s Security Council Speech

I thought the speech was excellent, detailed, and serious. It seems to me that case is made and it is unimpeachable. The only thing that actually surprised me was his reference to the UN becoming irrelevant if it ignores his proof. Good. I was also pleased to see him elaborate some on the connections between Iraq terrorists. You might also want to look at this very interesting Jeffrey Goldberg article in the current issue of The New Yorker on the connection betwen Al Qaeda and Iraq. It is now perfectly obvious to all that Iraq will have to be dealth with, and it will be. The only question is whether or not it will be done under UN auspices. The French have some decisions to make. I think they will go along with us, or forever be known as the country that made the UN irrelevant. They can’t afford that, so they will agree, in the end. Here is the WaPo’s running transcript of the speech; it is not yet on the State Department site.

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