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Dominique de Villepin speech

This is the talk French Foreign Minister de Villepin gave on March 27th in London. (You can access it in print or on audio.) I only heard part of the speech on a radio newscast and I was impressed with the apparent seriousness of it. It seemed to me that he lays out a strategic design that France should follow in this unipolar (post 9-11)world, and implicitly, what the U.S. should be doing. I mean to study it and reflect on it in the coming weeks (but I don’t have time now). But I did want to get it out to you. By the way, I believe it was after this speech, in response to a question, where de Villepin wouldn’t answer the question who he prefers should win this war, the coalition or Iraq. That response is not in the written transcript, although it may be on the audio.

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