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Neocons and Straussians, again

That great intellectual giant William Pfaff writes about so-called Straussian and Neocons in the International Herald Tribune. He has Strauss’ understanding of the world, of course, exactly wrong. I am amazed at how stupid these people are. Also see Mickey’s blog below.

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I am amazed at how stupid these people are.

I haven’t read the article, but it is not those who oppose neoconservatism who are "stupid." Neoconservatism is based upon a utopian vision of naive idealism and un-American globalism. This view is actually somewhat Wilsonian, and it is actually left-wing in nature. These policies will ultimately make us a lot less secure and a lot less free.

Neoconservatism is crazy.

Prior to discussing our social economic world, we should first note that President Clinton, a Democrat President, and a Democrat controlled Congress passed both NAFTA and GATT Free Trade agreements. They joined hands with Senator Dole, Congressman Gingrich and right wing people like Rush Limbaugh. They passed GATT during a lameduck session of Congress just after the Contract to America Republicans won Congress.

President Bush confirmed it all with Fast Track which in essence made the Executive Branch the CEO of world trade and they have the nerve to call it free enterprise. This was coupled with vast trans-national corporations and international organizations like the WTO who work outside any real democratic process and without the consent of the workers involved. As a matter of fact, the workers have very little voice in their social economic destiny and become the real commodities being traded and not the products per se. Both parties promote the use of destitute workers with a new working poor class created in the USA and a wage slave class outside the USA.

It does not look like the Democrats are going to reverse their main stance on the issues of Free Trade either and so both parties are one in the betrayal of American workers and ultimately workers everywhere.

At the same time President Bush contradicts his party’s traditions in many ways. He is pro-life and yet starts a pre-emptive war. The Republican party once used methods relating to "Balance of Powers", rather than resort to wars. Also President Bush spends money that does not exist and seems to be a convert to the liberal policy that you do not owe anyone if you owe yourself.

We have a Christian President who said Jesus was his favorite philosopher and then he contradicts the essence of Jesus by starting pre-emptive wars.
The Republican party still uses the trickle down economic theories working from the top to the bottom scale but now locks out the workers’ voice more so than ever.

Globalism and Free Trade now have over a ten year history of failures. The USA has gone through the most massive dislocation of jobs in its history including perhaps even the Great Depression. Millions have drifted into a silent depression. See "Silent Depression" at Tapart Real News and Art that Talks at and read America in Terror by Chuck Harder and House of Cards Economy by Paul Donovan. See also the American Dream is Burning artwork by Ray Tapajna featured in top newspaper story at Other reference site is at View the Cross 9-11 Tangle of Terror artwork asking who will now untangle the terror Globalism and Free Trad have bred.

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