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Wolfowitz on Iraq

David Ignatius writes on Wolfowitz’s thinking about the future of Iraq, de-Baathification, and so on.  

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Wolfowitz is a very dangerous man, and a major liability to the Bush administration. The neoconservatives and globalists surrounding the President are pressuring him to do things that are harmful to America, harmful to our brave and heroic servicemen and women, and harmful to our fellow citizens. Now that the "Prince of Darkness" has left in the midst of scandal, the President should immediately dismiss Wolfowtiz, and replace Dick Cheney with Jack Kemp, who should have become Vice-President years ago. If President Bush does not halt this road of destruction and globalism that he has allowed himself to be drawn along on, we can expect trouble ahead.

Your comments sound crazy enough for me to detect sarcasm. But something gives me the feeling you are being serious. Wolfowitz is one of the best people in the administration. He was in the first Bush administration and had the guts and courage to speak out against the gassing of the Kurds. He paid somewhat of a political price for doing this, but was rewarded for his integrity and persistence in this administration.

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