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al Qaeda, the new generation

Radio Free Europe reports: "A new report from a UN expert group says a "third generation" of Al-Qaeda members has emerged and that the network continues to operate around the world with a high degree of mobility and financial support. The report notes some success in capturing top Al-Qaeda officials and breaking up their cells, but it says the group must still be considered a threat to international security. The report also finds no evidence linking Al-Qaeda to the former regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq." Note the claimed connections between Chechneya and Bosnia, among other interesting tidbits. And ABC News reports this: "Chechen rebels ambushed and killed five Russian troops and pro-Moscow policemen responding to an emergency call about the shooting of a village elder, officials said Friday.

In a separate incident, two Russian servicemen were killed and two others wounded by a land mine in the Chechen capital, Grozny."

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