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Hillary at WalMart?!?!

Much has been made of Hillary moving to the right (supporting Bush on Iraq, etc) to enhance her viability as a national candidate. The surest sign yet is that her first book signing will be at a Walmart in Fairfax, Virginia, on Wednesday.

Walmart? In Fairfax, Virginia?? (Fairfax is a Republican stronghold in suburban DC.)

When I first heard an ad for this appearance on the Rush Limbaugh show on Friday I was sure it was one of Rush’s satire public service announcements. But no: It’s true.

I’m guessing it will be a low turnout event.

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Nah, the DNC will surely bus in lots of "eager" book buyers!

To Mr. Hayward:

Have you been to Wal-Mart lately?

Wal-Mart started in Arkansas... But I think we are in trouble if Corporations have to earn profit by political pull... As far as I can tell Wal Mart has no particular bias one way or the other... except for the fact that they used to focus more on selling american made goods...

oh i see. if nobody comes to the book signing then thats a bad sign for hillary. but if a lot of people come then its just a conspiracy by the democrats.

you guys are pathetic.

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