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Llama Saved from Drowning

I brought in my transister radio today because the Indians had a day game with the White Sox of Chicago. (We have now won five, I repeat, five, straight!) And in my happiness I was fooling around and found this amsuing story out of Des Moines. It completes my day. A pet llama, a pregnant one at that, fell into a pool, the owner feared that it would drown, became hysterical, called 911, and, of course, all was well. I know there are stories of such things happening with dogs, cats, etc., and rescue calls being made, but, really, a pet llama!

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Why is it that the world’s most bizarre stories all seem to come out of Iowa? I submit these two recent stories for your consideration:

Lizard head found in Applebee’s salad


Giant Cheeto Goes Live.

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