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Hispanics optimistic, poll

New York Times/CBS News Poll of Hispanics found that "they are far more optimistic about life in the United States and their children’s prospects than are non-Latinos, despite the fact that many are much poorer and many do not intend to gain the full benefits of citizenship."

There are a couple of nuggets in it that are worth reading, I note only one: "In Mexico one can study and study but there’s no good work when you finish school," said Sylvia González, 39, a custodian in Denver who moved to Colorado from the Mexican state of Morelos. "Here we do the jobs that no one wants to do because we know the value of work. Here we understand that the person without a job is the person who does not have the will to work." I assume Gonzales is a legal immigrant. It might be a reasonable question to ask whether such a person is likely to vote Democratic.

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