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The Rolling Stones and Havel in Prague

Forgive the blanked out French, but I find this irresistible for high political reasons. Andrew Stuttaford at The Corner says this, and I quote in full: "The Rolling Stones have been performing in Prague. Amongst the highlights, an appearance by Vaclav Havel. He appeared on stage and presented a T-shirt to Keith Richards. The T-Shirt’s slogan?

’F--k the Communists.’

Press reports note that the T-shirt drew ’laughs and applause’ from the audience.

Czech communists are, reportedly, offended by this gesture. Well, Havel is right, f--k ’em. Their party was responsible for the murder, jailing or exile of tens of thousands of people - and that’s really something to be ’offended’ by."

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I was at the Rolling Stones, AC/DC SARS relief concert in Toronto. I must say that I was impressed. Appart from the legalization of gay marriage, socialized medicine, and having everything on the metric system Toronto has a good feel to it. Maybe Canada isn’t so bad after all.

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