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Do students have too much homework?

This report on a Brookings study on the amount of homework students are assigned in primary and secondary schools makes clear what parents already know. It is light, less than one hour a day.

"High school students have an extraordinarily light homework load when compared with international peers, according to the Brookings study, citing a 1995-96 math and science survey. Among students in their final year of public schooling, those in France, Italy, Russia and South Africa reported spending at least twice as much time on homework as American students."

Here is the whole report from the Brookings Institution. (PDF file)

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Im in 6th grade and i truly believe we kids all over America are being put under alot of stress do to much home work plus people complian of our obesity one reasen is because all that home work gives us less time to do out side activities I believe its redicules about all this stress we are being put under

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