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No Left Turns

No Left Turns Mug Drawing Winners for September

Congratulations to this month’s winners of a No Left Turns mug! The winners are as follows:

Sean Cain

Vickie Dunn

Mike McFall

Shay Williams

Deanna Ducher

Thanks to all who entered. An email has been sent to the winners. If you are listed as a winner and did not receive an email, contact Ben Kunkel. If you didn’t win this month, enter October’s drawing.

Discussions - 2 Comments

Another month, another list of fake sounding names. I’m beginning to think that, much like the list of "winners", the mugs don’t even exist. I cannot help but feel bitter and broken over this whole experience.

OK, I’ve signed up for October. I’m gonna drink heavily tonight, and then start thinking positive, luck-changing thoughts about next month’s drawing. I know I’m going to win this time, I can feel it.

Also, I can stop anytime I want...

You know I think your are right. Those names look familar! I think they took them from the California Recall Ballot.

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