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Take Peter’s Bet!

Peter has been gone from California a long time. Also, I recall some past Peter predictions:

1) Mike Antonivich would win the 1986 GOP Senate primary. (He finished a distant third or fourth, almost in single digits, as I recall).

Reagan would get 62% of the vote in 1984. (Not too far off: he got 59%).

Wasn’t there a Bush landslide in 2000 predicted? I can’t recall. Anyway, to all you Ashbrookians, take Peter’s money, I say.

My prediction: recall and Arnold win, but by narrower margins. I’ll say 54% for recall; 38% for Arnold.

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Not sure I care enough to bet but I have predicted on my humble site that the recall will pass 55-45 and that Arnold will be +7 on Bustamante.

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