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Louisiana goverenor’s race

Here is the Secreteray of State site for the official results on today’s election in Lousiana. The polls close at 8 p.m. Central.

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Well, Louisiana continues to be a killing ground for Republican candidates. I think the black vote is terrible for the GOP. Louisiana is 29% black and they vote for Democrats 90% of the time. That leaves the GOP candidate having to play catch up. The Democrats in Louisiana tend to be moderate on some social issues (take abortion for instance- Blanco is pro-life and Landrieu last year is pro-choice but she votes for the ban on PBA) and this divides the white vote in Louisiana. In addition, Blanco who used her Cajun maiden name that ends with an x took a lot of Cajuns. I don’t think Jindal’s racial status had anything to do with his loss.

Tis a pity, Jindal was one of the good guys and he lost to a hack. Once again, Louisiana voters make a poor choice.

I used to live in Louisiana and it can be a nice if somewhat interesting state. It has so much going for it but it is also so bloody corrupt and backwards. I live in Nebraska now and it is difficult to root for the Saints and the GOP in Louisiana when they disappoint me so much.

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