Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

No Left Turns

Help the Ashbrook Center Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Even though Saddam has been captured, we must remember we are in a time of war, a war unlike any other. We fight terrorism because it is lethal to freedom. The Ashbrook Center fights the ignorance of our heritage of freedom because that ignorance is also lethal to our nation. Without an educated citizenry that is devoted to self-government and the Constitution, we would lose not only battles, but also the things for which we stand. This is a fight we must win.

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole, scheduled to speak at the Ashbrook Center in March, recently said, "To defend our country, we must first understand it. A knowledgeable citizenry is essential to homeland defense." The Ashbrook Center produces this type of citizen. By teaching the meaning and significance of America, we strengthen our nation and in turn strengthen ourselves. We do important work here at the Ashbrook Center, and as we continue to grow, we will continue to need support from friends such as you.

We as Americans are facing a crucial time in our history. We are confronted with many choices, difficult choices, and it is essential that we understand the consequences of the wrong selection. We can only do this with a firm understanding of who we are and where we have been. The Ashbrook Center, through its Scholar Program, teacher institutes, and many other programs ensures we have the ability to make the correct choices. Please give to the Ashbrook Center today, and invest in a future of freedom for tomorrow.

Thank you!

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