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The Wall Street Journal lead editorial today references one of my all time-favorite Saturday Night Live skits, "Dukakis After Dark," aired way back in 1988. Here is the money quote:

As historical evidence, we suggest that Democrats--and the Dean campaign, for that matter--consult the archive for NBC’s "Saturday Night Live." Specifically, the show from 1988 featuring Jon Lovitz as the defeated Democratic presidential nominee in a skit called "Dukakis After Dark."

The setting is election eve, and even before the polls are closed it’s already clear--as Mr. Lovitz’s Dukakis candidly admits--that he doesn’t stand a "chance of winning this election." But he goes through with his party anyway, and Lloyd Bentsen walks up with a question. "Mike!" says his running mate. "Now that it’s all over, you can tell me. You were gonna raise taxes, weren’t you?"

Martini in hand, clad in a burgundy smoking jacket, Mr. Lovitz doesn’t even blink: "Through the roof!"

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