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Saddam doll and etcetera

A Saddam doll is already avaliable, with beard and all. I can’t understand why it’s called an action figure, but never mind. I don’t want to humiliate him any more than necessary, it may get some Arabs really angry. In New Zeraland, a seventeen year old skips school and builds a submarine that is remotely operated and is 1.5 meters long. Indiana is declared the fattest state. This explains why I have liked everyone I have ever met from Indiana! And, staying in Indiana, Purdue signs up the wrong Jason Smith to basketball letter of intent. In Toronto, a man kills himself as he tries to rob a taxi driver. And I should have known this days ago, but just discovered it. Time magazine was going to have Jesus on the cover, but, at the last minute, because of the capture, Jesus was replaced by Saddam.

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I’m not sure if you should link sites whose tag line is "Indiana’s first source for inaccurate news and commentary since 2003"

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