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Churchill and the Great Republic

There is a new exhibit at the Library of Congress called "Churchill and the Great Republic." It is worth a look, emphasizing as it does, his connections and appreciation of things American. He called America "The Great Republic." President Bush opened the exhibit last week, I saw his very good speech on C-Span, but, alas, it is not to be found on line.

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President Bush’s terrific speeech is available online at:

President Bush’s speech is, indeed, an excellent one. I have often claimed that Bush’s moral vision and tenacious leadership must certainly be compared to Churchill’s. The speech does an excellent job of comparing the moral struggle against fascism & communism to the current moral struggle against the evils of terrorism. Bush & Churchill both had the character, moral vision, and statesmanship to stand up against the evil when others advocated appeasement. The speech also does a good job of blessing ties between American and her former mother country - we share many wonderful things, most especially of which are ancient liberties and self-government. There have been many great friendships in the 20th century including Churchill-FDR, Reagan-Thatcher & Bush-Blair, and I hope that this friendship of countries endures.

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