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Carter’s wisdom

The wisdom of Jimmy Carter shows up, again. The war against Iraq is unnecessary and "has turned out to be a tragedy," Carter says. There is more: "Carter, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, also blamed what he called Bush’s pro-Israel policies for engendering animosity against America.

’The prime source of animosity towards the United States is the lack of progress in dealing with the Palestinian issue,’ Carter said, adding that past U.S. administrations since Harry Truman’s have maintained a ’balanced position’ in dealing with the rights of the Arab population within the Jewish nation." There you have it, Carter is now re-writing history. His views were already pro-Palestinian when he was president, as
Steve Hayward’s new book on Carter, The Real Jimmy Carter, makes clear, and they have remained anti-Israeli; his contacts with Palestinian terrorists continue to this day. He is still fond of Arafat. Carter is a motley fool. It’s embarrasing.

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Jimmy Carter is wrong about Iraq. Jimmy Carter has no clue about the realities of the World and thank God that idiots like Carter, Kennedy, and Kerry are not in positions of power. For that matter, thank God Clinton, Gore, Reno, Berger, and Cohen aren’t in power. With this list of names just mentioned, is it any suprise that the Democrats have never had a Foreign policy success in the 20th Century?? It could be argued that the historical cycle of the 20th Century consists of Democrats either ignoring Foreign dangers or blunder into situations that Repulbicans have to be elected to clean up.

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