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Some Democrats, I am heartened to see, are bahving better than Carter. Tom Daschle: "Yesterday’s events will only serve to strengthen America’s resolve and seal America’s unity. The brave people who lost their lives did not die in vain. Americans stand together today and always to finish the work we started and bring peace and democracy to the citizens of Iraq." And Sen. Evan Bayh, Indiana Democrat, said that the United States must "stay the course."
"This is really as much a test of our perseverance as anything else," he said, though he cautioned that Americans must be prepared for the conflict. "It’s going to be difficult. We’re going to have too many days ahead of tragedy like yesterday, unfortunately." Good. Better than Carter, Kennedy, and former KKK member Byrd. There is hope.

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Carter, Kennedy and Byrd, are they running for reelection this year?

You’re wrong. There is no hope for Dems.

To Paul: I am getting more flack for this than anything else I’ve put up in a while. Odd. I know that there is an election coming up, and that Daschle especially is worried, as he should be. Yet, they said what they said, and it is good, even if said for imprfect reasons. I’m hopeful, but not a sucker.

Daschle is better than Kennedy, Byrd and Carter. Really climbed to the top of the heap now hasn’t he. This is also most definitely not a Sister Souljah moment but I am certain his south Dakota constituents would brook nothing more.

Go John Thune.

Good Democrats? Where they exist, it is fast becoming an anomaly.

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