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Happy 105th, Friedrich!

Were he still alive, yesterday--May 8--the brilliant economist F.A. Hayek would have turned 105. Hayek’s 1944 best-seller The Road to Serfdom played a major role in turning the intellectual tide away from economic planning.

Just to be provocative, I urge you to read this excerpt from his 1960 book The Constitution of Liberty, entitled "Why I Am Not a Conservative".

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And, try the PBS documentary, "Commanding Heights" for a comparison of the waxing and waning of Hayek’s influence during the twentieth century vis-a-vis John Maynard Keynes.

At the risk of being thought pedantic, I must point out that May 8 is and will always be Hayek’s birthday--after all, he was born on that day. But of course he is no longer alive to celebrate it with a party.

As one who has been accused more than once of pedantry (as well as mastication, being a thespian, and other crimes against the Republic), I gratefully accept Mr. Reeb’s observation, and have corrected the original post.

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