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More on Reagan

John Fund explains how Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope Paul II, won the Cold War. Michael Barone writes that Reagan rescued America from despair and totalitarianism. This is George F. Will’s understanding of Reagan in Newsweek. Charles Krauthammer, writing in Time, says that Reagan had a vision and the courage to endure all the doubters. And Peggy Noonan writes that
"Ronald Reagan told the truth to a world made weary by lies."

It will not surprise you that Cuba’s take on Reagan is less favorable. Radio Reloj:
``As forgetful and irresponsible as he was, he forgot to take his worst works to the grave.’’ And then this:

``He, who never should have been born, has died,’’ the radio said.

Mikhail Gorbachev can’t overcome his Marxist habits (stemming from the unterbau, no doubt) and is already revising history. But, hey, that’s OK, as long as the rest of us remember who’s on the ash heap, and who isn’t.

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