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Joe Wilson as liar

Robert Novak, who knows something about this, makes clear that it was Ambassador Joseph Wilson who lied, and not President Bush, according to the Senate Select Intelligence report. This massive fact leaves both Wilson and (other) Democrats silent. Christopher Hitchens also has a few words on this matter: "Two recent reports allow us to revisit one of the great non-stories, and one of the great missed stories, of the Iraq war argument. The non-story is the alleged martyrdom of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilson, supposed by many to have suffered cruel exposure for their commitment to the truth. The missed story is the increasing evidence that Niger, in West Africa, was indeed the locus of an illegal trade in uranium ore for rogue states including Iraq." It is also true that theButler Report also

bolstered President Bush’s assertion that Iraq sought uranium from Niger, casting further doubt on Wilson’s honesty. You can get the whole of the Butler report by clicking
here, and here are Tony Blair’s comments.

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I’m sure we’ll hear Dan, Tom and Peter clear up this issue, right after it appears on the front page of the new York Times. NOT!

Maybe it’s time to discuss repealing the first amendment. That should start some dialogue on news vs. the crap they are putting out as news!

Please note that the OFFICIAL homepage for the Butler report is at

Please do NOT confuse this with the tasteless and potentially libellous hoax website at

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Secretary to the Butler Review

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