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Wake Up Call--Baghdad Style

Last night, after keeping to my custom of working late, I got up at 4:30 am to do the Roger Hedgecock Show. This ran until about 5:00 am, at which point I had trouble falling back to sleep. I watched a movie until about 5:45 am, and finally was able to doze again. Then at 7:30, there were a series of loud explosions which literally shook my room. A missile hit the Sheraton and another hit the parking lot of the Baghdad Hotel--both within a block on either side of my location. Two more missiles apparently misfired into Firdous Square (also within a block of my location) near the minibus that had been used as a makeshift launching platform. In a bit of poetic justice, it appears that a malfunction caused some of the ordnance to cook off, and to set the terrorists minibus ablaze. Unfortunately, it appears that the miscreants escaped before the bus blew up. CNN has a report about the incident here.

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