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Kerry’s 1971 testimony

Because this article by Mac Owens--who was one of the first, months ago, to bring to our attention Kerry’s testimony in 1971--generated so much response just over a week ago, he has written another in which he takes up these three points in favor of Kerry: 1) Kerry spoke the truth about the Vietnam war—it was brutal and unjust and atrocities were common; 2) Kerry had every right to criticize the war, especially since he had been there; and 3) In his April 1971 testimony, Kerry did not call all U.S. soldiers war criminals but merely relayed the charges of others.    

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One thing very few people have focused on regarding Kerry’s treasonous activities in 1971. That is that he was still legally a memeber of the military at that time. As a reserve officer, he had several more years on his commitment (as an inactive reservist)and therefore he should have been prosecuted under UCMJ for a host of violations.

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