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Fake memos, accurate content

Someone the other day predicted that this is exactly what would happen. The documents would be proven fake, yet their content would still be held true. Hence this

New York Times headline: "Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate, Typist Says." Perfect. The first two paragraphs:

The secretary for the squadron commander purported to be the author of now-disputed memorandums questioning President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard said Tuesday that she never typed the documents and believed that they are fakes.

But she also said they accurately reflect the thoughts of the commander, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, and other memorandums she typed for him about Mr. Bush. "The information in them is correct," the woman, Marian Carr Knox, now 86, said in an interview at her home here. "But I doubt,’’ she said, pausing, "it’s not anything that I wrote because there are terms in there that are not used by Guards, the format wasn’t the way we did it. It looks like someone may have read the originals and put that together."

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In fact, this is the line now being taken on left-wing blogs like Atrios and Daily Kos. After days of absolutely denying that the documents could be forgeries, they’re now saying that it doesn’t matter one way or the other.

This woman also says she is not a Bush supporter and she thinks he is unfit for command.

Beautiful. So, even if the "smear with proof" attempt has failed, the Bush detractors get to say "see, we know he’s a liar, we just haven’t proven it yet" This woman has the right to her opinion, but why is it that the negative opinions of the President get so much airplay, but those folks with positive opinions and memories get so little. I guess that’s just not "news" in Dan Rather’s world.

Ok letsd see if I list out all the people who are on the side of the bloggers it would eat up huge bandwidth.

Now lets look at the list in favor of CBS. By the way am I the only one who thinks this list looks like something that would be produced for a junvenile scavenger hunt?

A typewriter repairman. A new age handwriting guru who thinks he sees libidinous energy in some women’s writing. A guy who thinks computers dont have both ones and Ls. A writer of two Bush Bashing books and finally, an 86 year old woman who says Bush is unfit to command but only last week said she had no personal knowledge of Bush. And they might be covering for a disgruntled ex guardsman with a history of mental problems.

It didn’t happen, but it should have. Just like Kerry’s medals.

Related to the first comment.....

I chech up on Atrios once in a while, and he is just running his mouth most of the time anyways....but he says what the libs want to hear and that unfortuanately has made him rather well known in the blogoshere.

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