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Kerry’s civil war

Tony Coelho says there is a "civil war" within the Kerry campaign. "There is nobody in charge and you have these two teams that are generally not talking to each other." And: "If [Sasso] is in charge then Goddammit, say it and stop having the speculation of who’s in charge because that’s worse. It also starts to impact in regard to the whole image of leadership. If someone can’t control a message in a presidential campaign, how are you going to be a good president?" There is plenty more, including a bit about money; but read the whole thing. Also see
The Washington Times. And note this Democrat’s opinion on how money is spent by the Kerry camp. He reflects on this comment from Coelho: "In the Democratic Party the consultants get paid for the creation and the placement of [advertising]. Republicans only pay you for the creation." Kos is angry, I gather. "Do you want a punchline? Shrum (and his firm’s partners) will be getting a $5 million cut for Kerry’s media buys (another $3 million will go to other media firms used by the campaign). While some of that is undoubtedly expenses for creating new ads, the vast majority is not.

The lion’s share of $5 million of your own contributions going not to defeat Bush, but to line Shrum’s pockets. Does that feel right to you? And don’t forget that if Coelho is right, Bush can direct more of his dollars to bash Kerry and the Democrats."

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It’s as simple as this: The Clinton people on the Kerry campaign are Clinton people first. If/When they take control (and they will), Kerry is as good as gone. Ask youself:

Why is John Edwards being buried, when he’s the charasmatic one?

Where is Hilary?

Why has Bill been so prominent in the news throughout the campaign?

Why on earth are Kerry’s new advisors (Clinton’s old advisors) going on news shows and talking of how Kerry is ignoring their advice right now?

The answers to all of this is Hilary in ’08. Et tu Bill and Hilary?

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