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Kerry’s smell in Ohio

R.W. Apple, Jr. writes in the New York Times

of Kerry’s problems in Ohio. He quotes Gerald Austen, long-time Cleveland Demo consultant: "I smell the same New England genius that I smelled in the Dukakis campaign in 1988. Kerry wants to run as a man of the people, and where do they put him for photo opportunities? Snowboarding in Sun Valley, shooting skeet in the Ohio valley, and windsurfing off that great working-class vacation paradise, Nantucket. Democrats - at least Ohio Democrats - play softball and touch football." Also notice Michael F. Curtin’s comment (publisher of the Columbus Dispatch) regarding whether or not Ohio is a bellweather state:

"Since 1948, Ohio has slowly become less of a barometer. On average, it has voted 1.7 points more Republican than the country has. The last Democrat to run stronger here than he did nationally was Lyndon Johnson in 1964."

Glenn Reynolds thinks comments like Austen’s may indicate that the Demo establishment is giving up on Kerry.

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