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Looking for John Edwards

I guess he is in Arizona today. The local GOP calls it his "farewell tour." This may not be too inaccurate given that Arizona went for Bush by 6% in 2000, and the polls have him ahead by 16 points, and Kerry has pulled his campaign ads. But Edwards is working on it. Where should he go next? North Carolina?

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From what I hear, Edwards political career was effectively over before he was selected by Kerry, anyhow. ?

I wonder if, assuming Kerry loses, (yes, a bold assumption), if it is farewell to Kerry’s career as well. *Surely* he could not possibly keep his position in congress. Probably he won’t even be offered a sweet-seat from some future Dem.

Talk about AWOL! Edwards has been campaigning for VP/President since summer 2000 when he’d only been in the senate a year and a half. Remember he WAS on Gore’s VP short list. Though the liberal NC media pushed him constantly, the voters resented his lack of representation. Since taking office in 2003, Elizabeth Dole provided a striking contrast because she is one of the most dedicated and hard working public servants ever. Edwards knew he couldn’t win reelection, so the presidential run was a perfect out. I think

Agree Im4Bush. Edwards is basically a joke in NC, ’cept in Chapel Hill. Why is that?

Sen. Dole has been doing an effective job quietly. She would get a great assist if the good people of NC would elect Richard Burr over Skipper Bowles (a Clinton apologist)

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