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Peter Kirsanow says there are a bunch of questions reporters should be asking of Kerry. One example. Question: You now state that Iraq was "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time," yet just a few weeks ago you stated that knowing what you know now you’d still authorize the war. Why would you still vote for a war that is wrong?

a. If the war was wrong, do you maintain Saddam should still be in power? If not, how would you remove him?

b. Which of the following is your primary objection to the Iraq war:

(1) that it shouldn’t have been fought?
(2) that it was in the wrong location?
(3) that the timing was bad?

c. If your answer’s either (2) or (3) above, where should the war have been fought and when?

Kerry talked with Imus this morning. I heard a bit of it. Very unimpressive. Later, another reporter asked Imus what Kerry said in response to Imus’ questions on Iraq. Imus said: "I don’t know." Imus still supports Kerry. It is not clear if he knows why.

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Is this bug of believing an idea or principle but not knowing why or what it is, contagious? I would like to avoid this disease and innocuate my students against it.

I just read this...

Kerry obviously believes, at least today anyway, that the person in the Whitehouse should be a CEO, and not a President with enourmous responsibilities, including that of Commader in Chief. I found this article like the great reflecting pool; vast in space but not very deep. Reading his views, you’d think America was some rundown property the neighbors forgot to take care of. I believe most Americans, while having criticisms, still have a positive outlook on our nation and its people, and above all, do not directly blame the man in office for every challenge we face. And I don’t think they believe all this rubbish Kerry is trying to use to make his case. Elect Kerry and he’ll tell you exactly why your life is terrible and how the Republicans are responsible.

Kerry stated during his nomination acceptance speech that he would respond swiftly to any attack on America. My questions to Kerry would be these. One, since he is prepared to wait until we are attacked and obviously takes issue with President Bushes doctrine of pre-emption, which 3,000 Americans have to die before Kerry can be rousted into responding? Two, what if al Qaeda already has or is able to attain an Atomic or Nuclear capability, which 300,000 - 3,000,000 Americans have to die before Kerry responds? Finally, which American city would Sen. Kerry prefer to see go up in a mushroom cloud before he responds swiftly? If you have a chance to ask Sen. Kerry these questions, please feel free to forward the responses to me, thxs in advance. -SpinDaddy

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