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Teresa’s disappearing act

Evelyn Nieves writes a longish piece on what Teresa Heinz Kerry is doing with herself, or rather, what the campaign is doing with her. It turns out that--unsurprisngly--she is kept to small events; they are attempting to tamp down her profile; it is a balancing act, because she is a cause of "some concern" to the campaign. This ever-so-thoughtful, deep, exotic, but tempestuous woman who likes to talk about her third-world origins, speaks (whispers, really) about health care and women’s issues to the already converted. Isn’t she great, as this husband used to say, that is, before the chaos set in. We are now promised that she will soon, once again, speak to larger audiences, more publicly. We wait.

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I have heard that Sen. Kerry ducked the press for over a month, and recently in a teleconference with his own suporters cut the connection at his end before questions could be asked.


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