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Kerry and the goose

Here is Powerline’s
take on the weird Kerry-goose story. Where’s the goose?

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Yes, this from the guy Bush got to say, "I have never wilted in my life!" Those who never wilted in their lives don’t raise their voices in defense of their, shall we say, non-wiltingness. They don’t even allow the charge to land--like water off a duck, or I should say, goose. Recall Henry V’s riposte to the Dauphin (delivered by a messenger, no less), when the French prince asks sheepishly of Exeter what message Henry has for him:

"Scorn and defiance, slight regard, contempt,/And anything that may not misbecome /The mighty sender, doth he prize you at." Slight regard, indeed.

The morning Kerry went hunting, the morning news said, and I quote "Kerry is going hunting to appear more normal to the Ohio voters." Then when Kerry came out of the woods and was asked why he wasn’t carrying his he said "I’m too lazy." As a wife of an avid hunter, that is not the right way to "connect" with the hunting population. But then, I don’t think Kerry really understands much of what normal life is really like.

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