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Kerry’s heavy handed assaults

David Brooks thinks this: "Incredibly, Kerry is launching attacks that play up doubts voters have about him. Over the past few days, he has underscored the feeling that he will say or do anything to further his career." His attacks are costing him the campaign, Brooks argues.  

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The sun has gone dark. Pigs are flying in formation. Dogs mating with cats. And the NYT has published this Brooks piece and the one by Tommy Franks on the same day!

Yes, there are two articles chastising Kerry ... but the NYT is also cooking their polling data something fierce and Krugman is just sure there’s a secret plan for the draft. As Okrent would say, "Taken as a whole, there’s a kind of balance," - on the 42nd Tuesday of odd numbered leap years.

Don’t get too excited with our self-appointed intellectual betters throw us a bone.

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