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Mason-Dixon poll of red states

The Mason-Dixon poll released late yesterday has some very good numbers favorable to Bush from six red (states Bush won in 2000) battleground states: CO, MO, NH, OH, WV, NV. Easy to read. Ohio is the tighest race, Bush leads by one point; he leads by ten in Nevada.

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Two very strong anti-Kerry outcomes in this poll. Question, Do you approve or disapprove of the decision to go to war with Iraq? -- OVER 50% SUPPORT

Question, Do you think of the war with Iraq as part of the war on terrorism, or do you think of it as separate from the war on terrorism? --OVER 50% say they are linked

Kerry’s Iraq phrase "Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time", is not supported by 50% of those polled.

Clearly, the position was one that could win him the Democratic nomination, but that is it.

This is not going to be close!


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