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Senate races

Washington Post runs an articles on the Daschle-Thune race in South Dakota (and notes the others; can be clicked on the box on the right). While the article is nothing remarkable, it worth a quick read. In Oklahoma and Colorado GOP senators have retired. In Alaska the GOP senator was apppointed (the governor’s daughter). There are five Demo seats up due to retirement (Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Lousiana). Go to Realclearpolitics for the poll n umbers in each state. Although most are said to be tossups, my guess is that the GOP will take Georgia, Lousiana, South Carolina; probably North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado as well (the latter three will be much closer). The fact that Bush is going to take all these states by handsome margins (save Florida which will be closer) will help the GOP candidates. Illinois will be a turnover, of course. Alaska can go either way. Also note that in most these races (including, most oddly, in South Dakota) the Demo candidates are trying not to identify themselves with Kerry. Bad sign for Kerry.

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