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Remember Anita Hill? Well, I do, but I haven’t heard her name for a while. And wouldn’t you know that two days after the Clarenence Thomas trial balloon appears, she writes this op-ed for the Boston Globe. What is her article about? Well, voter intimidation, race, and so on. She’s really breaking ground, this professor of social policy and women’s studies at Brandeis. Brandeis? When did that happen? No matter, now that Thomas is being talked about as Chief, she baaaack! The trial baloon worked. But, it doesn’t matter. The deed is done.

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Let everyone remember that Anita was given an opportunity to respond to Thomas’ rebutal but declined. Apparently her script writers expected Thomas to run away whimpering.

This article is drivel. It makes no reference to any actual events, just vague assertions like "some have said that something bad might have happened." If she has any real examples, I would like to hear them. If not, perhaps she should not speculate as to peoples’ motives. This is just the same tired, old, false accusation from activists who cannot accept that their ideas were soundly rejected by the voters.

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