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I’ll give Charles Krauthammer the first and last word on Arafat’s legacy, and then I don’t want to mention the SOB ever again.

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He’s got Arafat’s number - the guy was simply a ruthless anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist terrorist dedicated to the destruction of innocent civilians’ lives and of Israel.

I’ve had to laugh at the authoritarian PLO in which its interim leader is almost assassinated and calls it celebratory wedding gunplay (do these wackos really shoot off machine-guns at weddings??!!) and then there is discussion about elections. Free and open elections . . . what a farce!

Actually ... they really do fire weapons at weddings. Can’t tell you how much tracer fire we’ve seen in celebration of Islamic nuptials (and every other possible event). Very weird. And also very dangerous (for them). The first casualty I saw in Iraq was a Border Patrolman shot in the head - by his BROTHER - during celebration of the Kurdish new year.

Sorry for the tangential useless knowledge.

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