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Bill Garmer, the leader of the Democratic Party in Kentucky, announced his resignation. He said the party’s losses in federal and state elections had nothing to do with his decision:

"I would have done this whichever way it went because I had realized I was just stretched beyond the limits of my emotional and physical energy." The Democratic Party in Kentucky has to be rebuilt. Only one of six members of the U.S. House of Representatives is a Democrat. The governor and both U.S. Senators are Republicans, as is the state Senate (22-16). The state House is still in Democratic hands (64-35).

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Is this a good thing? I’m serious. I read that there will be a second in command nominated to take his place, but will be willing to fight? I’m sure this is being comtemplated in other states. The way I see it, in order to remain the majority party, we need an effective counter force, de-clawed, but NOT de-fanged. As a party, I don’t want us to get complacent. I want to see a formidable opposition to stengthen our ideas and keep us honest and strong. And besides, if they give up, what’s the fun in that?

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