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Clint Eastwood’s latest

A.O. Scott gives a very positive review of "Million Dollar Baby," opening today. He says it’s the "best movie released by a major Hollywood studio this year." Roger Ebert goes a step further: "Clint Eastwood’s "Million Dollar Baby" is a masterpiece, pure and simple, deep and true. It tells the story of an aging fight trainer and a hillbilly girl who thinks she can be a boxer. It is narrated by a former boxer who is the trainer’s best friend. But it’s not a boxing movie. It is a movie about a boxer. What else it is, all it is, how deep it goes, what emotional power it contains, I cannot suggest in this review, because I will not spoil the experience of following this story into the deepest secrets of life and death. This is the best film of the year." I guess we have to see it.

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