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Incident on Haifa Street

Bruce Sanborn

notes that the famous (but not talked about in the MSM) AP photograph of two Iraqi election workers being executed in broad daylight is probably a set up: Did the photographer knew what was going to happen? The AP has--delicately--admitted that the photographer belonged to the tribe of the murderers. It’s a sordid story of the MSM allowing itself to be used (at best). There is more here,

and here.

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Why were the election officials not armed?

Just imagine if that had taken place in the US...
A photography ,blocking traffic,aims his camera to snap a killing... what would the operator have to know.. who was shooting and where they were going to the US that would be a conspiracy..

It would seem that "news photographers" of this collaborationist bent would be legitimate targets for coalition forces.

But on the otherhand, these "photo-thugs" could be spared only to show the rest of the world what these murdering insurgents are all about. The execution of these young election workers was carried out by abject cowards; who by the way are admired by presumed human Michael Moore as being "minutemen" fighting for "freedom".

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