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Ramsey Clark joins Saddam’s defense team

annouces that former US attorney-general Ramsey Clark is to join Saddam Hussein’s defence team, a spokesman for the ousted Iraqi president’s lawyers says.
The spokesman said that Clark, who
was Lyndon Johnson’s attorney general, had "honoured and inspired" the legal team by agreeing to help defend Saddam. Does this have anything to do with the Demos’ "product deficiencies" that Hayward talks about below?

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Ramsey Clark is an embarrassment to his country and to the legal profession.

If we deleted Ramsey’d name from the passport directory could we keep him out of the country?

Another fine democrat doing the work of the America Hating Party of the People.

Clark is more than an embarassment. He is a despicable traitor who deserves to pull hemp and then have his vile carcass picked clean by vultures.

Well, Mac, if YOU’VE decided (along with your fellow tribunal arbiters here at No Left Turns) that he’s a traitor, then he is. Case closed! Since you’ve suggested an appropriately grotesque end for him, why not go all out and send him to Abu Ghraib (or perhaps those certain special places at Gitmo or in Afghanistan) where we can show him firsthand some of those high American ideals and "moral values" that he’s betrayed. Plus, for dramatic effect, we can say "Yeah, ya know, this is where Saddam had his enemies tortured!" as we appropriately punish him. Also, FYI, it’s spelled e-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-s-e-d, with TWO r’s. A lot of people are stumped by that one!

Uh, Mr. McCoy, how long have you been cuddling up to totalitarians? I suppose you may defend the German SS who carried out the massacre at Malmedy in ’44. Am I wrong?

Sonny, where in a war. Do you understand that? We are not cops reading Miranda rights.

jesse fan in chapel hill,

Uh-oh! Since you’ve determined that I’m "cuddling up to totalitarians" does that mean I’ll be put in the line for a tribunal of my very own? Will I be found guilty of aiding and abetting terrorists (or indeed, has this judgment already been made as well)?

Your straw man fallacies are pathetic.
I did not even indicate the slightest sympathy for Hussein, and it’s beyond absurd for you to suggest that. Actually, his crimes are clear enough, and any fair trial should easily prove as much. I feel he should be imprisoned for life, actually. His guilt is obvious. I’m confident that a trial would demonstrate this beyond any doubt.

I simply agree with Clark’s position that:

"In international law, anyone accused of crime has the right to be tried by a confident, independent and impartial court, and there can be no fair trial without those qualities."

Please don’t call me "Sonny." Thanks.

Frank, you need to chill out. How any American who believes in democracy and freedom could defend Sadaam is beyond me. Throughout our history lawyers have done things that the public doesn’t always agree with (Remember John Adams defending the redcoats??), however, Sadaam was a horrible dictator that doesn’t even deserve a trial.

Maybe I do not know much about the American justice system, because I’m not American, but it seems to me that whenever criminals are tried somebody needs to defend them. And a basic principle of the free market (which the right-wingers worship, sometimes slightly more than they do Jesus, from what I can see) suggests that those with money can afford the better or best things and services. The principles of the free market apply to legal services, as well, I presume.

One does not have to go to law school to know that any and every person accused of a crime (including dictators, serial killers and Scott Peterson) deserves a fair trial. Convictions and punishments based on fair trials are much more credible than summary executions and "kangaroo courts." Please take a deep breath and repeat after me: every criminal deserves a fair trial, every criminal deserves a fair trial, every criminal...

I wonder how many of Saddam’s victims got fair trials? Not many, I suspect.

Assuming that he is entitled to one anyway, that is a separate issue from whether or not Ramsey Clark is a jackass for defending him. And it’s not like this is the first mass-murdering dictator Clark has defended. What’s wrong with this guy? There are plenty of better ways to spend your life than defending genocide.

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