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The Orange Revolution

It looks like the good guys HREF="">won in the Ukrainian re-election. This is good in itself, good for ther Ukrainian people, and good for us. How it will affect Russia remains to be seen. It might be the case that as Russia continues to sink into a kind of traditional despotism, most of the parts of the former empire are rising toward liberal democracies, guided by the rule of law and free markets. It is also true that the New Europe continues to grow. May all such people prosper. John Fund has a good piece on the meaning of the election; he places special focus on Yushchenko’s wife, Kateryna, a "savvy American-raised businesswoman." In the Reagan administration she worked in the human rights office in the U.S. State Department, and under first Bush she worked in Treasury. She is impressive.

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IMHO, there were no good guys in this election.

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