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Ickes endorses Dean

Harold Ickes endorsed Dean for DNC chaiman. This is a bit of a surprise since Ickes is close to the Clintons, and it would, normally, be assumed that he would not go against the Clintons’ wishes. Perhaps the Dean nomination is a done deal, perhaps no one can stop him.

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"since Ickes is close to the Clinton’s"
- close to Clinton’s WHAT??

But now Dean has publicly avowed that he "hates" Republicans--has he just had another Edvard Munch moment that will torpedo him as surely as his screaming fit did last year?

Did the Clintons (or Donald Segretti) put something in his drink?

Personally, I think Rosenburg would be the best choice for right now. I was a big Dean supporter back in the day, but now I think he’s just trying to appeal to the ultra-left. The Dems need to appeal to the center . . .

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