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Iraqi election coverage

This article suggests that Allawi is making headway:

Recent polls show support is growing for a slate of candidates led by the former neurologist. Nearly a third of Iraqis now believe that Allawi, who was appointed by the United States as prime minister in June, has been "very effective." That’s twice the number who thought so last fall, according to a survey conducted in January by the International Republican Institute, a Washington-based group with links to the GOP.

Random interviews with Iraqis across the country suggest that the prime minister is picking up support in some unlikely places, hinting that he may have the ability to bridge Iraq’s ethnic and religious divides.

This article suggests that even the Sunni leaders who refuse to participate in the election want to be involved in the constitution-making that takes place afterwards. This is a step toward acceptance that Iraq has a peaceful future.

This goes not only for Iraqis, but perhaps even for the MSM.

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Hard to believe this article appeared in the LA Times. Very encouraging, in more ways than one.

Si, si, viva el Grande Comandante Guelas! El tiene los testiculos muy grande!

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