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Baseball and the weather

William Voegeli has a modest proposal for Bud Selig about where the opening games of the season (now three weeks and two days away, Thank God!) should take place and why. I like it.   

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As a baseball player, I personally hate playing in cold weather. Well, ok, cold weather I can stand if I have the proper gear on. However, wet weather is a different story. Rain is no fun in a baseball game. Nor is snow, most of the time. Windy is playable, although for the outfielders it is a hassle. A good outfielder knows which way the wind is blowing. A classic trick is to pull up a small tuft of grass and throw it into the air. If it blows to the infield, then you can move in a few steps, as the ball will ususally be knocked down. If the grass gets blown behind you, or in that general direction, then the ball will carry. Ergo, step back.

I hope everyone enjoyed my baseball outfielding advice for the day. I hope it helps all you outfielders.

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