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Unfortunately, a fourteen year old killed himself. This is an especially tragic story since the boy was a prodigy. He started reading as a toddler, played piano at age 3 and delivered a high school commencement speech in cap and gown when he was just 10. He was said to be extremely bright, yet a normal child and boy. No one knows why he killed himself.

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Why does the fact that the boy was a prodigy make the story "especially tragic"? Is it somehow LESS tragic when a non-prodigy kid commits suicide?

To quote his mother: "He had this excessive need to help people and teach people. ... He was so connected with the spiritual world. We felt he could hear people’s needs and desires and their cries. We just felt like something touched him that day and he knew he had to leave" to save others."

It seemed that he needed professional help.

This is an excerpt from a longer post dealing with football and high school cheerleading, in it I reflected on the need for Megalothymic my mind ran I connected it to a concrete news item, and I repost the pertinent passage.

A child prodigy commits suicide no doubt because all his megalothymic outlets were bent to isothymic passions. Was he living for himself, did he know that it was moral to do so? Or did he believe that with great ability comes greater responsibility to any person with a need? Oh, how often must he have felt that strain...Did no one find it odd that his career of choice was as an anesthesioligist...someone who removes the pain of those "most in need"; those undergoing life saving opperations. Yet the better he did the more he was placed above others, such that he felt he was an endangered species. After reading the latter books of Harry Potter, where Harry gets rebuked for his pride, and his selfish desire of wanting a familly...must he not have felt the same terrible rebuke for whatever selfish desires he harbored? Didn’t he simply realize that the only way to allow others to feel isothymic, the only way to keep others from feeling bad about save others in the world from the worst feeling, that of not being equal, to save people from the vice of jealousy...The only way to fullfill the requisite sainthood that such ability demanded was to eliminate his own kind.

With all the contradictions that it entails, he died the patron saint of isothymic anesthesiology.

BTW...that quote from his mother sums up my view. I think she is right about her son.

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