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Bush thinks black

Stanley Crouch thinks about the GOP’s attempt to woo conservative and Christian blacks, and what that has to do with the civil rights establishment (which, he reminds us is not the same as the civil rights movement) and its attachment to the Democratic Party.

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Seems to me that black Americans can facilitate their greater inclusion into the American mainstream precisely by jettisoning their attachment to the civil rights establishment and grabbing hold of either major party with both hands. What this will do to the civil rights establishment is a distant secondary consideration.

I say, if the NAACP is merely a front for the Democratic Party’s outreach to black Americans, might as well be up front about it--as Bush and the GOP have been. Then the parties can have a direct debate about what is good for this supposed interest group, and let blacks sort out for themselves what party will promote their interest best.

On a related note, the former NAACP president(and five-term congressman), Kweisi Mfume, has announced a bid for the U.S. Senate: "It is with great pride and deep humility that I announce to you today my candidacy for the Senate of the United States." Only in America can someone offer his candidacy to make laws for the rest of the nation as an expression of "deep humility."

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