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Canadian MP on America

is interesting: "A Canadian member of Parliament charged with improving ties with the United States apologized on Thursday for saying "let’s embarrass the hell out of the Americans in front of other countries". The MP who said this is parliamentray secretary for Canada-U.S. Relations.

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Ah, Canada. They took a pass with the missle defense system. That means we can shoot down those NoKo missles and not care that the debris lands in Canada.

Hmmmmm.....Canada. Is Canada that pretty place with all the beavers and the caribou? They put that nice English lady on their coins. The US must have some kind of ambassador up there. I bet he knows this MP(?) fellow. Canadians are supposed to be nice people just like that nice lady. MP must have hemmorhoids or something. Maybe we should invite him down to see a good doctor.

Who was it who defined Canada as thirty some million people huddled miserably up against the American border trying to stay warm?

Apt...we need to remind them of their dependence on our goodwill. The "longest peaceful border in the world" is due mostly to the fact that the United States is a great and good nation.

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