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Elmer Fudd and Harvard

This might be a good way to start the morning. Roger Kimball has a few thoughts on the faculty vote of no confidence in Harvard’s president:

The Larry Summers tragicomedy continues. In today’s episode, we watch as Harvard’s hapless president is once again humiliated by the faculty of Arts and Sciences, which met yesterday and returned a vote of no confidence by a margin of 218 to 185, with 18 abstentions.

It’s a bit like one of those Warner Brothers cartoons in which some pathetic character--Elmer Fudd comes to mind--goes after the waskily wabbit only to be outtwitted or at least outmaneuvered by the time the commercial break rolls around. Same thing happens in every episode, but the very predictability of the scenario adds to the comedy of the consummation. Why aren’t the girls more widely represented at the highest levels of science and mathematics? Why?

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Nothing speaks louder than hypocrisy. So much for diversity and free speech at Harvard. The commissars have spoken.

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